Trade cooperation between the Pacific Alliance members and South Korea

Thursday, December 3rd 2020 | 10:00 am (COT)

Within the framework of the project Exploring Cooperation between South Korea and the Pacific Alliance, we organized this space for discussion focused on bilateral trade relations and the participation and perspectives of the private sector. The objetive of the virtual panel “Trade Cooperation between the Members of the Pacific Alliance and South Korea: Evolution and Pespectives” was to discuss with public and private actors the characteristics of trade between these countries, as well as challenges and opportunities regarding the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) signed and the accession of Korea as an associate member of the Alliance.

Each panelist had two 5-minute interventions for a short presentation. First, they offered us an overview of the commercial relationship between their country and South Korea from their particular perspective. Second, they answered specific questions in relation to a sectoral evaluation of the FTAs signed between South Korea and the PA members. At the end, the implications of the South Korea’s accession as an associate member of the PA were discussed. Finally, we had 10 minutes for audience inquiries.



Carolina Urrego-Sandoval, PhD: | Project Chief | +57 3194744027


Daniel Bedoya: | Research assistant | +57 3203442726


Alexandra Pérez Jiménez: | Research assistant | +57 3014081062


Andrea Sánchez Noguera: | Logistics


Thanks for participating!

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