Colombia in the Korean War: 70 years of History

The objective of the panel is to remember this iconic moment and discuss contextual elements about the Korean War, emphasizing the participation of Batallón Colombia; the implications of this international incursion in Colombian military doctrine; the perspective of the Colombian war veterans; and how this historical milestone is crucial to understand South Korea’s relations not only with Colombia, but also with other Latin American countries.


The Foundation of Colombian Veterans and Descendants of the Korean War (FUNVECOREA) is one of the civil society organizations that represent Colombian veterans of the Korean War. Its president, Diana García López, participated in the virtual panel “Colombia in the Korean War: 70 years of History”, which took place on October 15, 2020. In this event, we also had the participation of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Colombia, an academic expert in the field and two representatives of the Colombian National Army. It was moderated by Carolina Urrego-Sandoval, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science (Universidad de los Andes).

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